the mother of all skill

what is the mother of all skill?

is it repetition is the mother of all skill? the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.

Tony Robbins state when he was talking creating habits – the more you repeat something the higher the likelihood that it will become a habit. Habits lead to actions, which lead to results which in turn leads us to success.

or.. persistency is the mother of all skill?

people with habit (repetition) still tend to give up on their dreams…often when they are just within touching distance they give up.

this is just like every bitter story i’ve ever heard, Everything started well. They had an idea, a plan and they took massive action. They kept a positive mind but eventually it had been worn down by challenges, difficulties and people around them telling that perhaps ‘they’ve tried enough’ and ‘maybe it’s time to give up.’ – even they should be ‘proud’ of how far they’ve come.

when “tried hard” is good enough then persistence or even relentless effort i believe is more likely the mother of all skill. because is just like super repetition, but they wont stop until the job is done.

but, i have another teory,

recognition is the mother of all skill. especially trading skill. yeah. hahaha

because trading is intuition and expert intuition came from recognition. “intuition is nothing more and nothing less than recognition” – herbert simon

this is the explanation : some situation provided a cue, this cue will give us access to information stored in our memory and the memory provide the answer,

just like a doctor diagnose the patient symptom, a fighter/boxer in the middle of a fight giving respon to an attack,or etc.  recognition, giving them expert intuition, super fast decision making skill.

valid intuition develop when expert have learned to recognize familiar elements in new situation and to act in a manner that appropriate to it. 


market is always in perpetual motion, always changing. this is why we need to recognize the market setup so we can act accordingly with our plan.

this is the explanation once again,

market provided us a setup, this setup will give us access to information stored in our memory or to be more easy, we learn that we must make some rules or system so when we met some setup that on our favor, so we can act accordingly.

this is why trader need a journal, need a system. need to start small, and develop gradually before try all market setup given to us. agar kita bisa recognize setup yang diberikan market dan mengambil tindakan yang tepat. titik. 

nb. tulisan ini hasil comot sana sini. hahaha.

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